Skopje Open 2015

Semi finals

Round 5

Round 4

Skopje Open returns this year to offer you the best prep for Thessaloniki WUDC and a splendid time with excellent motions, good debates and fun socials.

Dates: 24 – 26 December

CA team:

1st CA: Stefan Siridzanski [SR]
Stefan is an Open Semifinalist of Malaysia Worlds and ESL Champion of Zagreb Euros, as well as a Euros and Worlds top 5 ESL speaker. He is the winner of the previous Skopje Open in addition to five other tournaments with over a dozen other finals. He has served on CA teams of eight European tournaments.

2nd CA: Harish Natarajan [UK]
Harish was a EUDC champion in Belgrade 2012, was a World University Debating Championship Top 10 Speaker and a Semi-Finalist. Harish has been on the adjudication team of one the largest competitions including WUDC 2014 and will be the Chief Adjudicator of Warsaw EUDC 2016.

3rd CA: Emilia Carcqvist [SW]
Emilia won the ESL Final of EUDC Manchester in 2013 and reached the ESL final in WUDC Chennai in 2014 as well as the ESL final in Zagreb EUDC the same year. In addition, she has won and judged a number of competitions and was a part of the CA team in Vienna EUDC in 2015 and will co-CA at EUDC Warsaw in 2016.